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Association of Licensed Tourist Guides Athens-Greece concerned for the right awareness of the visitors, national and international, forwards the following announcement of the Ministry of Culture:

Notice on misleading advertisements promising tickets that offer “Skip the line” service for the entrance to the Acropolis.

The Hellenic Organization of Cultural Resources Development, aiming to protect visitors of the Acropolis Archaeological Site at Athens from misleading online advertisements, informs the general public that no tickets allowing holders to skip the waiting queue (“Skip the line” service) have or will ever become available.

Such a service cannot be applied at the Acropolis Archaeological Site, due to the geomorphology of the hill and the monument’s particular nature.

Even if a visitor could skip the queue at the Site’s entrance, they would still face a queue at the Propylaea (the monumental entrance complex), where the passage way becomes narrower.

Therefore, any “Skip the line” service advertisement is fake, deceptive and possibly fraudulent.

The Hellenic Organization of Cultural Resources Development calls on visitors not to be misled by sites/posts promising fake services, and announces that the only official online portal for the purchase of Acropolis tickets is (Hellenic Heritage e-ticket).

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